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Annalisa Minetti (Rho, 27 December 1976) is an Italian singer-songwriter, Paralympic athlete and model; in parallel she also works as a writer, television presenter, television author, actress and voice actress.

At 18, she discovered that she was suffering from retinitis pigmentosa and macular degeneration, diseases that would gradually lead to blindness; she will also be the first girl in the world with this deficiency to participate in a beauty contest. In 1996 she posed for a photo novel, written by Carlo Pedrocchi, published by the French weekly Nous Deux. Continuing her activity as a singer, she took part in the Miss Lombardia competition and won it.

Since she began her career as a singer, Annalisa has constantly performed in tours and concerts which have taken her to stages all over the world. In addition to Italy, she has performed in North America, mainly in the United States and Canada; she in South America, mainly in Argentina, Chile and Venezuela; but also in Russia, Slovenia, Ukraine and Egypt. Furthermore, since the beginning, you have often organized or taken part in charity or social events and concerts.

She wins Sanremo Giovani 1997 with the song L'eroe che sei tu, an Italian cover of Hero by Mariah Carey. She made her debut, therefore, in 1998 at the 48th Sanremo Festival with the song Senza te o con te which placed first in both the Youth section and the Champions section. The regulations of that year provided that the performers of the first three songs classified in the young section also competed in the Big category and, therefore, Annalisa managed to establish herself by winning among the Bigs too; which leads her to be the only artist to have achieved this result in the same year. A version of the single was also released for the South American market entitled Junto a ti o sin ti. Following her triumph at her festival, the plaque dedicated to her was inserted in via Matteotti, the Sanremo Walk of Fame.

With her victory at the Sanremo Festival she also released her debut album, Treno blu, a gold record with over 50,000 copies sold in just one week. A version of the album was also released for the South American market entitled Tren azul.

She undertakes a series of concerts throughout Italy and the South

America (especially Argentina, Chile and Venezuela). In Chile, in 1999, she participated in the Viña del Mar Festival where she was awarded the "Golden Orange" award.

In 1998 she released the single Credi, crede, she took part in Un disco per l'estate with Mi spengo senza te and in Sanremo Top where she ranked third. In 1999 she released her second album, Something more, and the singles Two worlds and La luce in me; in the same year she won the "Mia Martini Award".

In 2000 she released the singles Unequivocally tu and La prima notte. In 2000 she made her debut as an actress, with her premiere at the Teatro Smeraldo in Milan, in the musical Beatrice & Isidoro in the role of the protagonist Beatrice, a role which also sees her as a dancer and in acrobatics also with the scooter; the musical, which was also staged in 2001, was directed by Franco Miseria and Maurizio Colombi

In December 2000 she hosted with her Al Bano and Giovanna Milella the Jubilee of the Disabled live on Rai 3 from the Vatican; during the event she performed in front of Pope John Paul II, singing The Handmaid of the Lord, a song on the theme of Advent. In 2001 she took part in the sitcom Very Strong Family 7 with the comedy duo Manuel & Kikka on Telenorba.

In 2004, Annalisa took part in the first edition of Music Farm, she lost the challenge, which would have allowed her to reach the final, in favor of the winner Riccardo Fogli. In the same year she took part in 50 Canzonissime Sanremo.


In 2005 she participated as a couple with Toto Cutugno at the 55th Sanremo Festival with the song Come noi niente al mondo, ranking 1st place in the "Classic" section and 2nd place in the general ranking. During the fourth evening, the evening of duets, the piece was performed in a trio with the participation of Rita Pavone. Annalisa embarks on a sold-out tour with Toto Cutugno; they performed in North America, especially in the United States and Canada, especially in Niagara Falls].

Furthermore, in 2005 she dubbed the character of Iris in the animated film Yo-Rhad, directed by Vittorio Rambaldi and Camillo Teti. Also in the same year she released the single Vita vera and, together with Toto Cutugno, she took part in Melodien für Millionen in Germany, on ZDF.

Between 2006 and 2007 she was involved with the Italian Gospel show, a series of concerts held with Marcello Cirillo and Manuela Villa; in 2007 the same trio was involved in a series of concerts, the show Cinema cinema… songs from the big screen.

In 2007, on Rai 1, Sanremo from A to Z won; in the same year the single Scintilla d'anima was released. In July 2007 she duetted in a concert with Claudio Baglioni, she also participated in the fifth edition of O 'Scià, a festival created by Baglioni himself. In the last quarter of the same year, still waiting for her firstborn, she posed for some photos together with other famous pregnant women, which will be published in two calendars whose proceeds will go to charity. In the same year she took part in the 25th edition of Naples before and after, a festival in which she would also take part in the two subsequent editions. Also in 2007 she received the "Birthday of Life" plaque as a reward for the life that is born

She took part in the 2008 Sanremo Festival, on the occasion of the duets evening, duetting with Toto Cutugno Un falcon closed in a cage. In 2008 she also performed in Egypt and Slovenia.

In 2009 you participated in Claudio Baglioni's album Q.P.G.A., duetting the song Buon viaggio della vita. In the same year she also took part in the seventh edition of O 'Scià.

On 21 June 2009 she took part in Amiche per l'Abruzzo, the charity mega-concert held at the Giuseppe Meazza Stadium in San Siro in Milan, wanted and organized by Laura Pausini. Annalisa participates by singing I don't want the moon with Fiordaliso and Il mio canto libero with the other participating artists.

In the same year she took part, winning, in the television program Tell me the truth; she also takes part in the 52nd Zecchino d'Oro. Also in 2009, she released the album Questo piccolo grande amore and she took part in the Gospel show for peace together with Marcello Cirillo, Manuela Villa and others, performing in concerts, some of which were held in the main cathedrals of Rome. Constantly on tour, 2009 saw Annalisa perform on stages in Russia too.

Furthermore, in 2009 she took part with the song Scintilla d'anima in the album Guarda le mie mani, a solidarity project promoted by Claudia Koll.

In 2010 she participated in the 11th Festival of the new Sicilian song with the song Nun ti bastu, sung in Sicilian, in the Sicilian Prize category. In the same year she took part in I recommendation and Attenti a quell due - The challenge. On 22 June 2010, a year after the Amiche per l'Abruzzo mega-concert, the double DVD similarly entitled Amiche per l'Abruzzo was published. Furthermore, in 2010 she took to the stages in Ukraine, in particular she performed in Kiev in concert with Toto Cutugno and Giacomo Celentano, son of Adriano Celentano and Claudia Mori

In 2011 she released the single Mordimi, she took part in La nave di Nuovo and she was in the cast of the short film The Perfect Machine directed by Alberto Nacci. In 2012 she released the single I need, the album Nuovi giorni and the book Iride. Fast as the wind. In the same year she took part in Tutti a scuola, the annual opening ceremony of each school year, and was among the guests of Miss Italia 2012.

Furthermore, in 2012, in Hollywood, she recorded Crederai as the soundtrack for the film All You

Can Dream, a film which sees Anastacia on the big screen for the first time; the DVD edition contains in-depth content such as video clips with Annalisa. Furthermore, on Broadway, New York, she takes part in the "New York Italian Music Festival"].

Also in the same year she modeled for the brand "Domani", also parading at the Milan Fashion Week. Furthermore, in 2012, during the "Capri Hollywood-The International Film Festival" she was awarded the "Italian Icons Awards" for her commitment to promoting the values of life and Italianness in the world. In the same year she was awarded the "Rome Christmas Medal" at the Palazzo Senatorio in Piazza del Campidoglio by the then mayor of Rome Gianni Alemanno. Furthermore, again in 2012, her story was included in the book Storie di sport, storie di donne by Giovanni Malagò with Nicoletta Melone.

She triumphed at the 1998 Sanremo Festival with Senza te o con te in both the Youth section and the Champions section, making her the only artist to have achieved this result in the same year. She took part again in the 2005 Sanremo Festival paired with Toto Cutugno, the duo placed second and won in the Classic section. She returns to the Sanremo Festival in 2008 on the duet evening to duet with Toto Cutugno.

In 2012 she won the bronze medal in the 1500 meters at the London Paralympics, setting the world record in the blind category (the two athletes who preceded her were visually impaired as there were no distinctions between visual disabilities). In the same year she also won the bronze medal at the 2012 European Para Athletics Championships. The following year she won the gold medal at the 2013 World Para Athletics Championships in the 800 meters, setting a new championship record.

She was awarded medals for athletic valor and was named Knight of the Order of Merit of the Italian Republic, the highest honor.

In 2015 she competes at the paracycling road world championships in Switzerland. In 2017 at the Rome Marathon she won the gold medal and set the record for the best European performance in the T11 category over 42 km, her performance in the Rome-Ostia half marathon over 21 km also led her to win the gold medal and therefore it reaches the world top in its category.

Over the years you have written various books (one of which was written together with Manuela Villa and you have participated in various talent shows both as a competitor, in particular in Music Farm, Tale e Quale

show or Now or Never, both as a juror of the wall, especially at All Together Now - The music has changed.

In 2016 she hosted, together with Rudy Zerbi, Oltre illimito-Jubilee of the Sick and Disabled and she took part in MilleVoci. In the same year, during the "Roman Song Festival", she received the "Romanity Award".

From 2016 to 2018 she hosts, with Chiara Valentini, Never Give Up on Automoto TV broadcast on Sky; sports program of which the two are also authors

In 2017 you published the book Io rinasco; Michelle contributed to the project

Hunziker, Amadeus, Max Laudadio, Gianluca Nicoletti, Cinzia TH Torrini and Giovanni Malagò. A song of the same name was also released, the music video of which was directed by Cinzia TH Torrini. Also in the same year she received the Lifetime Achievement Award, the "Padre Pio da Pietrelcina International Award" for having distinguished herself in the social field and the

AILA "Woman Project" for being a woman who, in her activity, has distinguished herself in the social field in favor of the female gender. Furthermore, since 2017, with the collaboration of various chefs, Annalisa has organized shows, Sapori d'Italia, consisting of sensorial dinners.

Also in 2017 she participated as a competitor in the seventh edition of Tale e Quale show in which she placed second in the general ranking and won in the Women category. She plays various characters of international music, she wins the episodes with imitations such as LP, Céline Dion or Mia Martini, in particular with the latter she makes the program record its peak audience; Annalisa has also brought characters such as Liza Minnelli, Lara Fabian, Barbra Streisand, Anastacia or Chiara to the stage, always obtaining the applause and appreciation of the judges and the public. She also takes part in the sixth edition of Tale e che show-The tournament where she tries her hand at performances that also put her on the podium; she ranges from Alessandra Amoroso to Cyndi Lauper to Cristina D'Avena.

In December 2017, in Rome, he took part in Esserci semper... con musica e parole, an event of the State Police, presented by Carlo Conti, in which the Chief of Police Franco Gabrielli and the Minister of the Interior Marco Minniti were present. The event, as well as underlining the daily commitment of the members of the State Police, was an opportunity to remember and explore two important topics: the anniversary of the 25th anniversary of the Capaci massacre and the Via D'Amelio massacre, and the sad phenomenon of violence against women.

On 27 December 2017 at Palazzo Giustiniani in Rome Annalisa takes part in the celebration of the 70th anniversary of the Constitution of the Italian Republic; furthermore, the Senate of the Republic also creates a video entitled Of healthy principles which sees Annalisa among the protagonists.

In the same period you wrote the Motivazionario: it is a series of 12 books; the volumes are titled 12 key words such as Love or Balance. The term "motivational" is the portmanteau made by Annalisa between the terms "motivational" and "dictionary".

In 2018 he published the single Where the heart beats and, together with some competitors of the seventh edition of Tale e Quale show, such as Edy Angelillo, Valeria Altobelli and Federico Angelucci, took part in the BCT - National Film and Television Festival with the show Tale and which show - A successful show. A regular at the Minturno Musica Estate, in 2018 she was also rewarded with a plaque. In this period, among the stages she performed in her concerts, she also performed on the stages of Canada. In the same year she took part in the seventh edition of Tale e Quale show-The tournament bringing to the stage, always obtaining the applause and appreciation of the judges and the public, characters such as Amii Stewart, Alice, but also men such as Ivan Graziani; Annalisa also imitated Pink by doing acrobatics suspended in the air.

In 2019 she participated in the second edition of Now or Never with maestro Toto Cutugno. During the program, in addition to performing alone, she also duetted in every episode with Toto Cutugno; she then performed duets with Amedeo Minghi, Ivana Spagna, Patty Pravo and with teammate Silvia Salemi. During the final you presented the unreleased Più in alto. Furthermore, in 2019 you were awarded the "Franco Razionale] sports journalism award.

Also in the same year she took part in the Domenica Alive tournament, within Domenica Live, playing Mary Poppins in the film of the same name; she participates as a VIP competitor in Il boss delle pizza and collaborates in the introduction and giving musical voice to Luisa Corna's book Tofu and the magic of the rainbow. Furthermore, in 2019 Annalisa and her husband Michele Panzarino are the protagonists of the tutorial Gymnastics for everyone broadcast during Pomeriggio Cinque. In 2019, the single Che sia Natale was released, also in Poland, a duet with the Polish singer Krzysztof Antkowiak.

In 2020 she co-starred with Emiliano Malagoli in the feature film 50000 steps directed by Michelangelo Gratton; in the same year she edited the preface of the book Continue running - an incredible true story by Emiliano Malagoli. Also in 2020 she is among the athletes protagonists of the book Lives of champions by Elisabetta Mazzeo.

Furthermore, in the same year, the single Diamonds unique in duet with were published

Giancarlo Casella and Karol, the latter pays homage to Pope John Paul II (Karol Józef Wojtyła) and 18 May 2020 was chosen for the publication date, exactly 100 years after the pope's birth; the individual Karol contributes to the charitable works organized by the John Paul II Association of the Archdiocese of Trani-Barletta-Bisceglie]. Also in 2020 you were awarded the "John Paul II Recognition"].

From 2020 to 2021 she takes part in Casa Marcello (which will then be followed by Casa Marcello Night) by Marcello Cirillo, a web project also broadcast on the TeleUniverso, Telemia, Brixia Channel and Calabria Sona channels; in the program as well as for the music sector, Annalisa curates the fitness column The whole world is a gym, also with the participation of her husband Michele Panzarino. On April 20th the charity single Il nostra tempo is published, part of the Invisible Enemy project: Annalisa, co-author of the song, sings together with Mario Biondi, Marcello Sutera (both co-creators with her), Gaetano Curreri, Dodi Battaglia, Petra Magoni, Andrea Callà.

In 2021 he took part in Mario Biondi's album Dare performing the song Show Some

Compassion together with Mario Biondi and other artists such as Chuck Rolando, Enzo

Avitabile, Dodi Battaglia, Sarah Jane Morris, Jeff Cascaro, Alain Clarke, Paulo Gonzo,

Luna, Omar and Nick The Nightfly. In the same year you received the City of Rome Award for "Projects of the Heart", an organization chaired by you which supports the weakest citizens, municipalities, bodies and associations; in the same year Assotutela awarded it the recognition as "Italian Excellence".

Furthermore, in 2021 she is the testimonial of the debut collection in the fashion field of

Claudia Conte, it is a line of swimsuits entitled Claudia Conte Collection. Collect your Courage. Also in the same year, her single was released, in a duet with the tenor Jonathan Cilia Faro, L'italiano, a cover of the song by Toto Cutugno. In July 2021 she is the protagonist of the first episode of Extraordinarily Normal Stories, directed by Michelangelo Gratton, a docuseries dedicated to the world of disability broadcast on the TV2000 channel.

In the same year she performed the song Fratelli for the Bambino Gesù Association of Cairo; she is also the special guest in the theatrical performance Racconto d'amore with Claudia Conte. In 2021 she will be the testimonial of the TV program Ricette stellate Italy hosted by Claudia Conte on Alma TV; she also she participates in her Chef in the field on the same network.

In 2021 she joined the cast of the fourth edition of All Together Now - Music has changed, hosted by Michelle Hunziker in prime time on Canale 5, as a juror of the wall; she also takes part in All Together Now Kids. Also in 2021 she receives the "International Gold Medal Maison des Artistes Award" for the example given to young people and to everyone also in overcoming limits and achieving national goals; she also releases the single Invincibili.

In 2022 she plays Io con me, the soundtrack to the film Three Sisters directed by Enrico Vanzina; A music video was also made of the song. In the same year she took part, together with Luisa Corna, in the Hit Parade Summer Tour of Marcello Cirillo and Demo Morselli. In 2022 the single Invincibili was awarded the "Golden Microphone" as the "Solidarity Award".

Furthermore, in 2022 she released the single Déjà vu accompanied by a music video where

Annalisa Minetti also debuts as a director. In the same year she was awarded the "International Saint John Paul II Prize-Oscar for Peace". On November 25, 2022, the novel L'ultimo carosello written together with Manuela Villa and published by Armando Curcio Editore was published. In 2022 she receives the "Virgo Raimondo Vianello Award", an event presented by Barbara D'Urso. From 2022 to 2023, together with Stefano Borgia, she hosts the program If you feel like a friend, a show broadcast on tivùsat ch55, Sky ch823, Gold TV and Lazio TV

In 2023 she released the singles Nevica and Blu, both in duets with the rapper FRE; she was also awarded the "Premio Virgo SanremoSol Novella 2000" and at the Alifestival the "Premio Alessandro Vessella". Since 2023, within the BellaMa' program on Rai 2, Annalisa has edited the Tutti in tuta column.

  • 1997 - Miss Lombardia

  • 1997 - Miss Azira Ragazza in Gambissime 1997

  • 1998 - Vincitrice del Festival di Sanremo 1998 - categoria Giovani

  • 1998 - Vincitrice del Festival di Sanremo 1998 - categoria Campioni

  • 1998 - Targa in via Matteotti, la Walk of Fame di Sanremo

  • 1999 - "Premio Mia Martini"

  • 1999 - Festival di Viña del Mar - Premio "Arancia d'oro"

  • 2007 - Targa de "Il compleanno della vita" come premio per la vita che nasce

  • 2012 - "Capri Hollywood - The International Film Festival" - "Italian Icons Awards" 

  • 2012 - "Medaglia del Natale di Roma"

  • 2014 - "Premio Internazionale D'Angiò" per la musica e lo sport

  • 2015 - "Premio Sorriso Diverso" per far sorridere, senza dimenticare sfondo, difficoltà e diversità

  • 2015 - Premio Marcello Sgarlata

  • 2016 - "Premio alla Romanità"

  • 2017 - Premio alla carriera

  • 2017 - "Festival nazionale della cultura sportiva" -premio per lo sport e la legalità[149]

  • 2017 - "Premio Internazionale Padre Pio da Pietrelcina" per essersi distinta in campo sociale

  • 2017 - Premio AILA "Progetto Donna" per essersi distinta in campo sociale a favore del genere femminile

  • 2018 - Targa del Minturno Musica Estate

  • 2019 - Premio giornalistico sportivo "Franco Razionale"

  • 2020 - "Riconoscimento Giovanni Paolo II"

  • 2021 - Premio Città di Roma per "Progetti del cuore"

  • 2021 - Riconoscimento Assotutela "Eccellenza Italiana"

  • 2021 - "Premio Internazionale Medaglia d'Oro Maison des Artistes" per l'esempio rivolto ai giovani e a tutti anche nel superare i limiti e raggiungere traguardi nazionali

  • 2022 - "Microfono d'oro" come "Premio solidarietà" per il singolo Invincibili

  • 2022 - "Premio internazionale San Giovanni Paolo II - Oscar per la pace"

  • 2022 - "Gran Galà del calcio Women" - Premio Sissy Trovato Mazza come miglior atleta Fiamme Azzurre

  • 2022 - "Premio Virgo Raimondo Vianello"

  • 2023 - "Premio Virgo SanremoSol Novella 2000"

  • 2023 - "Premio Alessandro Vessella"

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