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Occhiali e foglio di musica



The world of music is a jungle of pitfalls and disappointments if you don't find yourself at the right time and with the people around you in the right place...below the story of Francesco aka FraMo who very humbly does not write a real CV but exposes in a few lines what he experienced and felt trying to express himself with music, between ups and downs and downfalls...
We at Studio63 have noticed this and believe that life must redeem him and give him another artistic and spiritual opportunity because he deserves it.

(Briel Ferry)

Francesco Mobilia, born on 18 June 1998 in Ustí nad Labem in the Czech Republic.

Seeing Michael Jackson's music videos I started dancing, listening to those rhythms, those engaging sounds and from that moment I was captured by Michael Jackson's music and thus became  a constant companion in my life.

I started singing very early.

Over the years I got better when it came to singing, so I decided to try "Supertalent" at the age of 14. I went to the casting but wasn't accepted.

At the age of 16 I tried "The Voice of Germany" and was rejected there too.

 The problems came with puberty, I met the wrong friends and ended up in the wrong circles. Alcohol and other things have become part of everyday life.
I became more aggressive and unpredictable.

I fell into a deep hole from which I only emerged when I met my wife Francesca, who made me reborn and  made you a better person.

At 21 I thought I'd give it one last try. so I went back to "Supertalent" but again a setback!

That day I decided not to participate in any more talent shows and not to waste my time.

When one day I was invited to the casting by "DSDS"! I passed one round and was sent straight to the celebrity jury!, receiving 4 yeses too, and not only that,
Xavier Naidoo gave me his golden CD. So my safe ticket to South Africa.

 Unfortunately I only got to know the dark side of the show in South Africa.

I was camera shy and wanted to show myself as little as possible, which ultimately led to my expulsion in the grand final.,

I destroyed myself due to lack of ability to sell myself. “I LOVE MUSIC” when it comes to music.

However, "DSDS" was a great experience that made me understand so much, it showed me that I'm not just a Michael Jackson tribute artist, I also have my own voice.

Now I'm sure of myself and I want to finally take off making music 
with my artist name “FraMo” 
and with the record label Studio63 productions from 1 December 2023.

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