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Living for Music

That's when you hope that every day… maybe it's the right one

what you expected ...

before closing in a drawer and forever

your dreams and your emotions.

Briel Ferry was born in Imperia (IM) on 15 September 1971



I write the first songs and I perform with a band in the clubs of the Costa

Smeralda. I perform piano and voice as a singer-songwriter for "Amnesty International" at Casino 'di San Remo with the song "UOMO"  

I work all season in San Remo and also in the discos of the Ligurian coast. I subscribe to SIAE as a Lyricist and Composer Transcriber


The first of the many competitions in which I participated "Castrocaro" compares me with the record "Jungle", but two more Castrocaro must pass for someone to notice me and my songs and I reach the television final.


I go home and decide that Imperia, a city that is too small and closed as a musical mentality, cannot give me what I am looking for as a future.

Meta is Bologna where I have knowledge and already attend the conservatory


I perform in Bolognese clubs and work in recording studios as an arranger I create collaborations with DJs and musicians.


I win the critics' prize at the Una Voce per Europa competition

with the song "Io Fingo".


I am put under contract to compose Dance and New Age songs.

1995 I write a song that will have a space as a background in the film

"Abissinia" published by Emi, I produce jingles and background music

for documentaries and theaters ....


With one of his songs "Un Giorno Mai" I participate in "HELP" on TMC and I finish second in the ROXYBAR TROPHY hosted by Red Ronnie on TMC2.


Singing at the Braille Award with the song "In the dark" live on RAI UNO in which singers such as Bocelli, Antonacci, Mingardi participate.


Working full immersion for DJs and record companies in the dance sector

and with artists like Luca Antolini I approach and "adapt to the times by reinventing myself by starting to be a DJ and start remixing what will be the material for my performances. (all my performances, every single song played will have my mark)

creating a library and a baggage that spans many genres


Pop music collaborations for emerging artists,

live piano bar evenings. I give private piano and solfeggio lessons.

Live performances in discos begin


DJ nights are more frequent than Pianobar evenings as a choice

Fed up with stressful "assemble and disassemble" or performances  of karaoke entertainment


Arrival in the final in Sanremo Giovani with the song "Gli Amori Difficili".


I work in productions and have my own recording studio.

So I invest time on record productions

I work on multimedia projects for commercials and TV


I teach music for middle school kids.


The work as a DJ becomes fundamental for what concerns my productions

I become resident DJ of the Le Cupole discotheque in Castel Bolognese in Romagna where I work 4 times a week making my new profession a very constructive experience and I complete myself in almost all genres


With the dance song "Emotion" and the name of "Dyor" I enter various Italian and international compilations, the song is licensed in the UK, USA, Japan, Australia with

respective live concerts. This is also thanks to the experience of DJ Luca Antolini with whom I have established a deep friendship. The piece is performed in the stadiums by the most important international DJs of the caliber of Armin van Buuren


I write for many emerging artists

with both multimedia and record projects


One of my songs enters the charts in the top positions in Japan and Australia


I am produced to create a CD series with listening and lounge music Col  name of Gabriel Ferry with many licenses abroad


The work as resident DJ continues  I produce and arrange songs for the internationally renowned singer Iskra Menarini (famous backing vocalist of Lucio Dalla ..


I win the AFI Italian Phonographers and Records Award as best arranger and  musicista with the song "Clouds and dreams"


I become Song Writer  of the German record company Amo L'Italia

which has the exclusive for Sanremo in the world  and Junior
where I write songs for international emerging artists


I write songs for emerging artists for the "Io Canto e tu" Competition (Germany)

then due to Covid 19… .no comment


I win as author the Europe Contest  1 * classified
with the song "Mi Alma" Cuore in Musica Accademy Roma

performed by the "Vita" group


I keep beating that damned wall that is the recording environment

as an author and arranger.

And I live on music every moment of my life.

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