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Leya Lyon (Vanderleia Maglione (born in Brazil (Ubatuba) in Sao Paolo on 05/02/1985

On 10 September 1990 he moved with his parents to Italy in the province of Salerno.

From an early age she participated in parish choirs carrying on her passion for singing.

During adolescence he participates in the many and various music meetings

including with Don Josy Cento.

In 2014 she participates in singing competitions in Caselle, Pittari (Salerno) where she sings "men do not change" by Mia Martini and wins the competition.

In the same year, in another singing competition he won the critics' prize and third place in the city of Salerno.


For years he performed in the various Italian squares as a street artist using the various languages of music to testify his life and faith.

In 1999 he took part in the Youth Jubilee Meeting, Rome / Brazil.

In 2009 she graduated in Rome as a social worker and in the following years she was invited to many conferences where she participated as a speaker and as a cantate.

The conferences were also places of stories, of exchanges of experiences and artistic knowledge, they became for her meeting places in which she deepened her artistic growth.


In 2015 at the Capuchins of Montesano Sulla Marciano (Salerno) he presented the book “Guided by the Stars”. A book as a narrative thread from the adoption process and the various sociological and judicial aspects. The presentation is attended by the President of Salerno Pasquale Andria, the Bishop of the Diocese Monsignor Antonio De Luca, the person in charge of the area plan and the Mayor and many talented speakers.


Mainly during the conference he intersperses with moments where he performs singing.

In the same year, I met Pope Francis in Rome.


In 2018 he moved to Germany and joined the record company

IPP Produzioni - Studio 63 Building Edition.

In September 2021 he participates in The Best in Pisa.


LEYA LYON began her artistic career with IPP Produzioni - Studio 63 which sees her busy for the next few years as an author, artist and performer.

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