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Riccardo Fogli was part of the Pooh until 1973. In 1976 he published "Mondo", a song by Carla Vistarini and Luigi Lopez, which became a success and entered the Top Ten of the Hit Parade, in 1982 he participated in the Sanremo Festival and won with " Everyday stories". In 1987, to promote the album "The infinite ways of the heart", he reunited with the Pooh for the creation of the single "Giorni cantati". Other albums then come out: "Amori di Guerra" (1988), the collection "Non fini così" (1989), which includes the song presented that year in Sanremo, and "Feeling united" (1990), in which " But what love”. In 1991 Fogli participates again in the Sanremo Festival with an introspective song, "Io ti prega di listen", which is included together with "Tell me who you are" and "A half of the journey" in the album entitled like this last piece, where many of his great hits are revisited. Also in 1991 he recorded "Amici", a song written by Roby Facchinetti and Valerio Negrini, interpreted in two voices with Marcella Bella. Riccardo Fogli returns to Sanremo in 1992 with "In a night like this". In 2015, after 42 years of absence, he returned to the Poohs for the 2016 "Reunion" tour, organized to celebrate the group's fiftieth year of activity. In addition to playing on all the dates of the tour, Riccardo records with the Pooh the new versions, for five voices, of some of their great hits, as well as the four unreleased songs featured on the triple CD/live DVD "Pooh 50 - L'ultima notte Insieme ”: “ So many stories ago”, “The things I would like”, “One more song” and “Goals”. On 31 January 2017 Riccardo published the autobiography "A man who lived - Stories of all my days". On November 3 of the same year, "Insieme" was released, an album created with Roby Facchinetti, with whom he also participated in the 2018 Sanremo Festival, presenting "The secret of time". On November 27, 2020, a revised version of "Mondo - I am a man who lived" was released with the presence of Dodi Battaglia on guitars. On 19 March 2021 he published "Tenderness '93", dedicated to his son Alessandro and on 2 July "Maledetto l'amore" was released. On 22 April 2022 the book/disc "Predestinato (Metalmeccanico)" was published which contains some of his rearranged successes including the new version of "Storie di tutti i giorni" 40 years after the victory of the Sanremo Festival, as well as "La Tenderness '93", "Maledetto l'amore", the unpublished "Angels have white teeth", written for his daughter Michelle, and a bonus track to discover.

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