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Since childhood Laura begins to be passionate about everything that is able to produce a sound. She began studying singing at the age of 10 and developed a particular musical ear that allowed her to reproduce more or less complex melodies and themes on the piano. In these years he began to get passionate about various musical genres with a predilection for the songwriting world, first Italian, and then international. Among his points of reference Lucio Dalla, Gianni Morandi, Ivan Graziani, Ron (who later became a friend and source of inspiration), the Bee Gees, Dionne Warwick, the Americas, the Toto, Phil Collins, George Michael ...

 At the age of 12 he began to take part in numerous singing competitions, gaining his first experiences on stage and starting to perform in clubs here and there for Tuscany. The meeting with the producer Mario Fabiani (ORO, Irene Grandi, Dolcenera ...) turns out to be fundamental, thanks to whose encouragement she participates at a very young age in the Naples 2003 Festival by participating in the masterclasses held, among others, by the maestro Diego Basso. Years later Laura will collaborate again as a composer with the Fabiani label, ISI Produzioni.


Laura starts composing her own music at 14; one of the first songs that see the light is "Se una donna va via", a song that will be released years later in the album "Come un hurricane" by Canale Italia presenter Sabrina Borghetti on the Suonami / Galletti Boston label.

During her university studies Laura joined the IGRB (Italians in the Gold Rush and Beyond) project co-financed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in collaboration with the University of Florence. He will carry out a field study on the origins of Native American music by going to the Indian reservation of Morongo (CA). During this trip Laura has the opportunity to perform for Italian immigrants in California in the evenings organized by the OCICA association in the Los Angeles area.

 Laura joins the stable of producer Giancarlo Sorbello (SunGarth Studio, RCA, Goblin) moving to Rome and giving life to the jazz quartet "Laura Polverini Quartet" with which she performs in the major clubs of the capital. The dazzling encounter in the studio with Maestro Ennio Morricone dates back to this period. "Being able to see the master write his music with a pencil remains one of the best memories I have; being able to be listened to by the Master and having been able to record auditions for him pushed me to believe in the possibility of improving myself.", Laura anni will say. after. In this period he began working as a backing vocalist in various recording studios in the capital, as a modern singing teacher and vocalist for various ensembles, show orchestras and bands.

  During her evenings around the squares throughout Italy Laura was able to go on stage as a chorister with the likes of Bobby Solo, Little Tony, Gatto Panceri, Alan Sorrenti, Nuovi Angeli, Mal , Donatello, Rossana Casale, Michele Bravi, gold, Santino Rocchetti, Casadei Orchestra, I Bisonti, Al Bano, Roberto Pagani ...

In 2013 he met the Bolognese musician and producer Omar Lambertini who chose to produce his own "Se una donna va via" and "Uomo di stoffa" for Sabrina Borghetti on the Suonami / Galletti Boston label. "Uomo di cloth", written with the author Moreno Marani, becomes one of the most danced and requested songs of that season, ranking first in the genre charts.

  From this moment on Laura begins writing regularly for other artists collaborating with various record labels and music editions throughout the national territory. Laura has participated in the writing of over 100 songs ranging in various genres. Currently it turns out to be one of the most requested signatures in the panorama of dance music, deejay dancing and more, thanks to the versatility that allows it to deal with various musical genres while always being credible.

Since 2017 he has been steadily collaborating with the record label Digital Store Network for which he records the single "Guardami" contained in the compilation "The One - Deejay Dancing Music Evolution" (Baccano) and "Over my mind" contained in the compilation "Amore Mediterraneo".

Also in 2017 she joined the Genio & Pierrots Orchestra as a female voice, treading the stages of all of Italy and recording the song "Quel poco che resta" (Novalis). In this period various successful remixes "Oro Japan Remix", "Direction la vita", "Phenomenal", "Meraviglioso RMX" are released, all on Digital Store Network label.

 In 2019 participates in the VI competition for authors of the CET School of Mogol authors with the song "Tra le mie parole" obtaining the publication of the text in the anthology of the most deserving Italian authors published by Aletti Editore with preface signed by the Mogol himself.

 In 2020 he gives life to the new formation Laura Polverini Band with which he performs until the stop imposed by the pandemic.

He collaborates with the maestro Stefano Scartocci (Lucio Dalla, Maledetti Amici Mie - Rai2, Radio2) giving life to a musical partnership that developed during the lockdown.

In February 2021 he released the single “Tra Le Mie Parole” whose video clip was shot during the first lockdown in the Tuscan Valtiberina countryside.

“Tra Le Mie Parole” is a classic but at the same time current ballad, strongly songwriting in which Laura imagines the dialogue between a son who has now become a man and his mother who disappeared when he was still a child. A letter in which the son turns to his mother telling her thoughts and dreams of when he was little up to the present, to the man he has become despite the suffering for the lack of that mother who went away too soon.

The artist explains about the song: "With Tra Le Mie Parole I wanted to imagine an almost supernatural and mystical dialogue, which goes beyond space and time, between two people linked by an inseparable bond of love such as that between a child and his mother. To inspire this song was a friend of mine but I believe that anyone who has experienced this type of loss can identify with the thoughts of the protagonist. The absurd thing is that, not knowing it, I wrote this song on the day of the anniversary of the death of my friend's mother. I think there is magic in this whole story and I wanted to share it with the public. I think I was a means of getting a message that was much bigger than me. "

And the message is picked up by the journalist and music critic Michele Monina known to the general public above all for having written the biographies of Valentino Rossi, Vasco Rossi, Laura Pausini, Fabri Fibra, Lucio Dalla, Caparezza ...

The live acoustic version of "Tra le Mie Parole" participates in the format "Female Anatomy Festivalino" conceived and directed by Michele Monina thanks to which Laura comes into contact with the vast panorama of Italian female songwriters establishing friendships and collaborations still in to be.

Tra Le Mie Parole is currently present in various spotify playlists including the singer / songwriter Distrokid playlist thanks to the users' vote and debuts at 29th place in the Italian indie playlist.

“Tra le Mie Parole” represents the beginning of a new course for Laura as the author and performer of her songs. A more mature and aware writing, direct but at the same time dreamy and disenchanted which is also reflected in the song "Let me turn" written for Daniela Nespolo together with Omar Lambertini and his friend Stefano Menicucci. "Let me turn" is contained in the album "Ci takes Courage" (Suonami 2022)

2021 is also the year of release of a second single of which Laura signs the text “Boom Boom” in collaboration with the producer Stylex for the Galletti Boston musical editions, contained in the compilation “Long live the dance”.

In the same year Laura writes together with Briel Ferry numerous pop / dance songs in English that become part of the exclusive radio rotation of some well-known supermarket chains and begins a collaboration with Studio 63, a record label based in Germany and IPP productions for which he writes with Briel Ferry the songs "Narciso", "Ora", "Eden", "Repubblica" and many others.

In February 2022 "Boom Boom" becomes the opening theme of the music program "Music Dance" broadcast on Umbria + while "Tra Le mie parole" becomes the closing theme.


  (March 2022) Laura is collaborating with saxophonist, author and arranger Marcello Balena who has curated some arrangements of the latest album by Dodi Battaglia (Pooh) for which he writes the text and the melodic line of the piece "Eterno Movimento" currently in production.

Together with Maestro Stefano Scartocci, Laura is working on a tribute project to Lucio Dalla which involves the involvement of some of his historical musicians for the creation of a cover with arrangement by Scartocci himself.

The release of a new single is expected in the second half of 2022, which will mark a new course in the artist's writing.

At the same time Laura is working on the writing of a play entitled "A Night in Italy - Popular Classic".

Writing and adaptations of texts in English and Spanish for the compilation “Una Canzone In Testa” for Novalis Edizioni Musicali.

Release of the single "Amore Ribelle" written for the artist Daniela Cavanna for which Laura also signs the arrangement of the song "Underground" (Novalis Edizioni Musicali).

Writing on commission for the emerging artist Vale Ciuffreda through Studio 63 / IPP productions.

Writing and interpretation in the forthcoming song   “Love is not finished” for Anni Ruggenti Records produced by Marco Mariani.

Further record releases are currently in progress in which Laura will participate as author and interpreter including an international lounge music project with the artistic direction of Pape Gurioli (Jovanotti, Lunapop, Luciano Pavarotti) and other important collaborations with well-known names in the Italian music scene. .



INSTAGRAM: laurapolverini_official


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